Submission Guidelines

Submission language is English.
All submissions will be subject to a double blind review by a body of international program committee members.
The proceedings of accepted papers will be published by Elsevier.


Researchers, practitioners, graduate or undergraduate students, artists, and business persons are invited to participate in all aspects of the conference. Papers need to be submitted according to the categories listed above, in time for thorough review and adjusted scheduling.

Important Dates

  • Research Papers / Experience Reports / Case Studies –  May 15, 2016  June 01, 2016 23:59 GMT
  • Workshops / Forums / Arts meet KM / Demos – May 15, 2016  June 01, 2016 23:59 GMT
  • Gong Shows / Young Researcher Contribution / Capacity Building Workshops – August 15, 2016 23:59 GMT

Submission procedure

Step 1. Decide which category (Research Papers, Experience Reports, Capacity Building Workshops, Best Practice Demo or Forum, Gong Show Contributions, Young Researcher Networking Event Contributions, Arts and KM) of submission you would like to submit, and make a note of the due date and page limits indicated in the CALL FOR PAPERS of the web site. Please ensure that you have followed the formatting instructions. Templates are provided for Microsoft Word (Word-Template) and LaTeX (LaTeX-Template).

Step 2. Submit your PDF file through the ICKM 2016 EasyChair site:

  • Make sure that you select the proper submission category (research papers, case studies, best practice or education forums, demos) during your submission. Be aware that the categories stated in the Call For Papers do not directly correspond to the available categories during submission: For Research Papers, Experience Reports and Case Studies select “Research Papers / Case Studies“; when submitting contributions for Art meets KM“, “Best Practice Demo or Forum or Capacity Building Workshops please select “Workshops / Forums / Arts meet KM / Demos”. Gong Show Contributions and Young Researcher Networking Event Contributions have to be submitted under the category “Gong Show / Young Researcher Contribution”.
  • EasyChair will send you an email letting you know your paper was uploaded.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, double check in EasyChair that it was properly uploaded. We will contact you directly if there are problems with your submission.

All submissions will be subject to review by a body of international program committee members.